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Garment Care Policy

We Follow Care Instructions & Apply Best Judgement

We follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer whenever such information is available.  However, sometimes we need to rely on the experience of our cleaners and other industry resources to apply alternate cleaning methods to reduce the risk of color bleeding or excessive impact on the fabric. 

Should there be a risk of discoloration or damage in our recommended cleaning process, we will communicate with our customers first to explain the recommendation and ask for approval; or in some cases,  to ask for a release of liability prior to work.  

Dry Cleaning/Pro Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process safe for garments which may shrink or bleed when washed with water. To "dry clean" at Evergreen Pro Cleaners, we use GreenEarth, an environmentally-friendly dry cleaning system that is non-toxic, non-hazardous and completely odor-free.  Based on liquid silicone, GreenEarth dry cleaning is gentle on your garment and creates no pollutants.


When appropriate, we may also use wet-wash processes to remove water-soluble stains or odors if dry cleaning is not an effective means.  When wet-washing delicate items, we use mild detergents and minimal agitation -- even hand washing and line drying -- to deliver the best outcome and reduce the risk of damage.  We apply the term "Pro Cleaning" to this type of cleaning and handling.

Standard Turnaround 

Please give us a two days to sort, treat, clean and assemble your order.  If you bring your clothes in on a Monday, they will be ready after 5 p.m. on Wednesday, etc.  If you need your garments sooner, please let your Customer Service Representative know, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Deep Cleaning (Optional)

Our ordinary cleaning is quite special -- we check your garment for stains and determine the best process for cleaning it.  Our commercial-grade products are often able to remove the most common stains... But if the stain is especially extensive, we may need extra time and may offer to use more expensive cleaning solutions.  This "deep cleaning" service is optional and available at an additional charge.  Your CSR will advise you and get your permission before we proceed with "deep cleaning".

Please Recycle Hangers and Poly Bags

Please bring us hangers and poly bags for recycling.  We try to re-use wire hangers as much as possible to reduce cost and waste, and deliver poly bags to recycling centers for recycling.

Retention Period (60 Days)

Garments are kept for up to 60 days after they are ready for pick up.  We will attempt to contact and remind customers to pick up their clothes twice prior to the end of the 60-day period.  Unclaimed garments will be donated at the sole discretion of Evergreen Pro Cleaners.

Compensation for Damages

The purpose of our business is to serve our customers.  In spite of being as careful as possible, the following conditions may occur:  

  • tears due to wear-and-tear that has weakened the fabric

  • color bleeding due to the type of dye used in the manufacturing process despite following instructions on care labels

  • discoloration caused by the chemicals on the garment (i.e. deodorant, other cleaning agents, etc.) reacting to the cleaning agents used

Resolution Process

  • Evergreen Pro Cleaners will assist our customer to ask for a refund from the retailer or manufacturer.  We will provide a written description of the issue and the process used to perform the cleaning indicating adherence to care instructions

  • In the event the damage is caused by Evergreen Pro Cleaners' action, our policy is to compensate with a refund up to 10 times the charge for the cleaning or the value of the garment (with a receipt); whichever is less.  

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